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  • How did you come up with the name "Wellnice Pops"?

    Our product is simple & fills a gap in the healthy treat market, so we wanted a simple & strong name. It’s a play on “Wellness” & of course incorporates the all-important “ice”. The fact that “well nice” is a common Limerick phrase is just the cherry on top! ‘Tis well nice kid!! (We came up with it after 10 long hours sitting around the kitchen table. There’s still some controversy as to whether it was the 8 year old future CEO or Trín!!)

  • How do they taste so sweet if there's no sugar added?

    Easy! Many vegetables are naturally sweet, but we’ve become so desensitised by the added sugar in processed foods, that our taste buds have forgotten! We’ve used some of the sweetest vegetables in our pops - beetroot, sweet potato, carrot - and have added a little fruit juice as necessary to create the perfect balance.

  • How are the colours so vibrant?

    The vibrant colours of vegetables & fruit are courtesy of phytonutrients, which are powerful antioxidants. Phytonutrients protect the plants and keep them healthy, and can do the same for us. Some of the best known ones are Chlorophyll (green) and Carotenoids (yellow, orange, red). We only use 100% fresh juice to make our pops, so all the natural goodness remains. You can’t beat Mother Nature so why even try?!

  • Really now, what are your personal favourites?

    Frost Beet - BJ (Co-Founder) | All Hail Kale - Trín (Co-Founder) | 2 Carat Diamond - Marina (Wellnice helper-outer at festivals) | Lemon Sucker - Saoirse (Future CEO of Wellnice Pops!)

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