Wellnice Pops Limerick

Lemon Sucker!

Wellnice Pops Limerick

Our Lemon Sucker really lives up to it's name! A refreshing combination of lemon, yellow pepper & pineapple, it's not for the faint hearted. Having said that, it's our resident 8 year old's absolute favourite so make sure to try it!! Each pop contains 88% of your RDA of vitamin C and boasts only 13 calories.

Healthy and effective uses of Wellnice Pops

  • Healthy snack at any time of day…..think breakfast on the go, after school, instead of dessert!
  • Add them to your smoothies instead of ice….they pack a tasty nutritional punch
  • Use them after exercise….they’ll cool you down without undoing all of your hard work
  • Try halving one & adding it to your water bottle…’ll keep the drink cool & add flavour as it melts.
  • Pop a pop (pun intended!!) into homemade soup for an extra boost
  • For an extra stylish dinner party, use Wellnice Pops as a palate cleanser!
  • Feeling under the weather? Suck on a pop to stay hydrated and to ease a sore throat
  • Use them as a base for some funky cocktails (adults only!!).......
  • Or heat them up with spices of your choosing, for a healthy festive mulled wine style drink (alcohol optional!)
  • We’ve been told (ahem!) that they are an excellent hangover cure (again, adults only!!)

Wellnice Pops Limerick
Wellnice Pops Limerick
Wellnice Pops Limerick

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